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Mortal Kombat Macro Keys

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the purpose of this project ?
        The goal is allow you to release a long sequence of combos by pressing just one button. This was an idea that came to my mind after losing so many fights to my friends... Anyway, I made this just by the technical challenge and also for fun.

  • Why did you install two buttons ?
        The left button should be used when "you" are playing on the left side of the screen, and vice-versa. This is because when you are on the right side, the keys "right" and "left" should be inverted before being sent to PS3 (specifically for MK, maybe not for other games).

  • Can you list the electronic components ?
        8 x optocoupler 4n25
        8 x 330 Ohms resistors
        1 x Arduino (or you can make your own standalone with ATMEGA328p)
        1 x battery to power arduino
        2 x Push buttons
        1 x Multilaser PS3 Controller
        Jumpers and Long wires
        Soldering and Tools
        Hot glue

  • Can I add more buttons ?
        Yes, you can. For that, you will need more wires, and optcouplers. If you need more ports, you can use the analog pins of Arduino as digital ports.

  • Can I change the combos ?
        Of course, you can. I did some examples and left commented on the source code. But if you write new combos, please send it to me, so I can share with everyone.

  • Can I use this project to play other games ? Or is this specific for Mortal Kombat ?
        In fact what I did was hacking the controller and not the game. So the answer is: Yes, you can apply this project to any other PS3 game.

  • Can I power the circuit using the 5V coming from the Controller USB cable ?
        Well, I didn't do that. I am using an external power using a Lipo Battery. You could try to use the USB power source, at your own risk.